It's all about the bling or is it?

Post date: Apr 8, 2018 3:27:28 PM

Some of us may be more inclined towards considering a new technical T shirt.

Especially with temperatures rising and buds appearing on the trees, updating ones summer wardrobe might be a higher priority than a lump of metal. (Other medal materials are available).

When we talk about our wardrobe we do mean running wardrobe of course (as if there is any other).

What colours are in this year?

This is a question pondered each year down here at BA10k HQ.

Out shopping for a few hundred new T shirts and we cannot agree on what colour we should all be wearing this summer.

What colour does it for you and why?

Answers on a postcard. That is if there is such a thing as postcards anymore. They used to be in the paper tidy next to the fax machine, underneath the orange internal mail envelopes.

Come on, give us a clue. What's your preference?