We go all topsy turvy for this years race!

Post date: Apr 30, 2015 4:39:04 PM

Just when you thought our race couldn't get any better - well it has! Remember all those challenging uphill sections? Well, we have made those infinitely more enjoyable for you by turning them into downhill sections instead! Taking in the same route in reverse, you will still get to enjoy the stunning scenery and the much-vaunted Merevale Estate as well as the spectacular town centre finish.

For the astute reader this does mean last year’s easy bits become somewhat less so, however, if you say it quickly perhaps no one will notice. The reason for this change is to reduce the time spent on the busy residential section of the Coleshill Road for the protection and benefit of participants. The roads can then re-open earlier which will assist the local community enabling them to come and join the other spectators along Long Street as the race approaches its climax. After all, this is a community event. Great news for the local shop owners too who will be seeking extra trade on an otherwise quiet Sunday morning.

Don't forget, our event is to be held on Sunday August 30th - we very much look forward to welcoming you back. What a turnaround!

BADGERS Athestone 10k - Course Map 2015