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Road Closures

For the safety of the runner there will be a number of roads in and around Atherstone closed off to traffic on race day.
We will be sending out letters to the properties effected by the road closures. A copy of this letter will be available on our download page.

Final times and positions to be confirmed.

If you have any concerns about the road closures please Contact Us

Position on Map Road Direction From To
1 Long Street after junction with Woolpack Way to the library Heading N/W 09:00 11:30
2 Witherley Road after junction with North Street to junction with Woolpack Way Heading N/W 09:00 10:15
3 Watling Street from A5 to junction with Station Street Both directions 10:00 11:30
4 Coleshill Road from South Street junction to junction with Outwoods Close Both directions 09:45 10:15
5 Coleshill Road after Bentley Common junction heading N/E to junction with Outwoods Close Both directions 09:45 11:15
6 Twenty One Oaks from Coleshill Road to Bentley Common Both directions 09:30 11:15
7 Merevale Lane from A5 to junction with Bentley Common Both directions 09:00 12:00
8 Ratcliffe Street Both directions 09:00 11:30
9 Sheepy Road - junction with Croft Road to Ratcliffe Road Both directions 09:00 12:30
10 Church Street/Market Square / Market Street Both directions 09:00 12:30

Road Closures